How to remove mold from clothing using hydrogen peroxide

If you need to remove mold from clothing, hydrogen peroxide is a simple way. Hydrogen peroxide kills mold, and it is easy to apply peroxide to cloth, so the whole idea seems simple and direct.


Use 1% to 3% hydrogen peroxide.

If a small area of cloth is moldy, you can spray peroxide onto the moldy areas. Spray enough on to completely saturate the fabric in the moldy area.

If the whole thing is moldy, or the areas that are moldy are big, or if there is a lot of mold, it will be easier to soak the clothing in peroxide.

  • In theory, hydrogen peroxide could bleach the cloth unevenly, depending on the dye. This is unlikely with 1% to 3% hydrogen peroxide.
  • Do not inhale mold! Dry mold is hazardous because the powder can fly into the air. Clothing with dry mold on it should be sprayed with hydrogen peroxide before handling or moving the clothing, to reduce the risk of breathing mold. If you do not have peroxide, wet the mold by spraying water on it. In areas with significant mold, wear a mask to avoid breathing mold.
  • Damp mold is less of a breathing hazard. Washing your hands after handling mold, or wearing gloves while handling mold, would be a good idea.

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