Hydrogen peroxide foot bath ideas: for killing germs, reducing odors, and just to take care of your feet....

A hydrogen peroxide foot bath is nice for your feet and will kill viruses and bacteria on your feet.


For a general footbath, add some hydrogen peroxide to hot water. Adding some salt is also nice and/or a drop or two of essential oil to make the room smell nice. You’ve got a lot of leeway on how much peroxide to use, from putting just a couple of cups of 3% peroxide into a foot tub full of hot water, to making the solution 1% or more. (To make 1% peroxide, use 1 part 3% peroxide and 2 parts water.)

If you have athlete’s foot, or any on-going pathogens on your feet, try soaking your feet in 3% peroxide once or twice a day, for a few minutes. You can re-use the peroxide for several days, however, it will get weaker over time, so don’t keep re-using it indefinitely. (Killing germs uses up some of the power of the peroxide each time you use it. Being exposed to light also makes peroxide break down faster.)

If you don’t want to take the time to soak your feet each day, you can try just spraying your feet and toes with 3% hydrogen peroxide. Let your feet air dry, if possible.

Clean your foot tools in peroxide

While your feet are soaking in a hydrogen peroxide foot bath, also soak your pumice stone and nail brush in 3% hydrogen peroxide. This is a great way to clean and sanitize them. Use them to clean your feet, then put them back into 3% peroxide, to soak for an hour or overnight.

Clean your shoes and your shower with peroxide

If you have athlete’s foot, or any kind of foot fungus, spraying the bottom of your shower will reduce the germs in your shower, and reduce the chances of reinfection.

Also: shoes can be a continuing source of both germs and odors. You can spray the inside of your shoes with 3% hydrogen peroxide. Soaking shoes in a mixture of peroxide and water (or sodium percarbonate and water) is even better. This will thoroughly clean and disinfect them. But use caution: water (or any liquid) will damage leather, so don't soak or spray leather.

If you have or smelly feet, it's a good idea to spray the inside of your shoes with 3% hydrogen peroxide once in a while.

If you have smelly feet, spraying your feet with 3% hydrogen peroxide daily will reduce bacteria on your feet. Or use hydrogen peroxide foot baths to kill germs on your feet.

In case you're thinking shoes don't really breed bacteria, check this out:

This video shows the bubbling reaction as 3% hydrogen peroxide kills germs on the linings of shoes.

  • If you have any cuts on your feet, peroxide may sting!
  • If 3% peroxide feels too strong, you can dilute it with water.
  • Materials that are damaged by water, including leather, should not be wet with peroxide -- it is liquid and can damage leather.

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