Hydrogen Peroxide News Stories

There are quite a number of hydrogen peroxide news items, which can be fun to look at just for entertainment.  By the way, this page uses a Google utility that updates to show the most current stories.

I'm sorry to say that a number of the stories about hydrogen peroxide will be about terrorists, and bombs. While I find this an unpleasant topic -- one that I don't care to write about -- it is a topic that will show up sometimes in a news search. (And, yes, hydrogen peroxide really is used to make homemade explosives. In a way it makes sense -- if you figure it can power motorcycles, planes, and rockets, there is certainly some power there. I hope this is the last time I mention bombs!)

Happily, there are also many news stories about more positive topics.

The list below shows news stories about hydrogen peroxide and sodium percarbonate. You can click on the link at the top to switch back and forth between the two.

If you come back another day, there will be different stories listed.

Hydrogen peroxide in the news....


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