Considering Buying Bulk Hydrogen Peroxide?

Perhaps you are considering buying bulk hydrogen peroxide, to save money, or because you go through a lot of it. Having a large quantity of peroxide on hand can be convenient if you use up a lot, and it can also save you money.

Is it Worthwhile to Buy a Large Quantity?

Whether to buy a large quantity of hydrogen peroxide may take some consideration and some thinking, and even some calendar time to decide.... Which is fine, no need to rush!

The sources I know of for buying in quantity are for buying 35% peroxide, which is MUCH more risky to ship, handle and store.

So the first questions are:

  • Have you used 35% hydrogen peroxide before?
  • Are you willing to learn about, deal with, and be responsible for the risks and precautions necessary?

Next there are a few practical questions like:

  • Do you have room to store a big vat of peroxide (someplace safe and out of your way and ideally cool)?
  • Do you use up enough peroxide to make it worth considering buying a lot at once?
  • Will you use it up?

Okay, with those things out of the way, we get down to cost savings and whether it is worth whatever inconvenience may be involved.

What is Inconvenient about Bulk Hydrogen Peroxide?

If you buy a big drum of hydrogen peroxide:

  • It will be delivered by a trucking company and you need to be home to receive it
  • It is heavy!
  • You will need a hand pump to get peroxide out of the drum (and you must take care not to spill it).
  • You need to keep it someplace safe
  • You need to learn about, deal with, and be responsible for the risks and precautions necessary with concentrated peroxide

What is Convenient about Bulk Hydrogen Peroxide?

Well, there's the other side of the coin: What is convenient about buying a large quantity?

  • Once you have it, you don't have to buy any more for a long time!
  • You'll have plenty to use for all the things you use it for.
  • You may be more willing to use it for more things, because it is relatively much cheaper.

What Will Bulk Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide Cost?

On this page "hydrogen peroxide prices" I estimated cost for different quantities of food grade hydrogen peroxide, with the following caveats:

  • Hydrogen peroxide prices vary WILDLY
  • These estimates are as of June 2018, in the United States.
  • These are estimates....

You can go look at that page, but here's what it says:

  • A reasonable price for a gallon of 35% food grade peroxide is around $55 to $75, including shipping. (Probably more for an equivalent amount of 12% or 8%).
  • 15 to 30 gallons of 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide should cost more like $15 to $30 a gallon (including shipping).
  • 300 gallons is more like $8 a gallon.

Most likely the price difference will be a big savings for you.

Let Me Know if You'd Like to Talk to a Supplier for Bulk Hydrogen Peroxide

I don't have a supplier with prices I can list here. Also the prices vary by location because delivery of bulk 35% peroxide requires a trucker who is licensed to handle hazardous material. The shipping cost is a hefty amount (yet overall it is still likely a big savings, after including the shipping fee). Anyway, the shipping cost will vary depending on where you are.

Since I don't yet have a streamlined way to send you to a source for bulk purchase, for now you can send me the form below and I'll see if I can get you in contact with a supplier.

Use this form if you are interested in purchasing 15 gallons or more.

I'm interested in purchasing bulk 35% hydrogen peroxide
(or getting a price quote)

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

Please enter the word that you see below.


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