All the household uses of hydrogen peroxide start to sound alike after a while.....

How to clean anything with hydrogen peroxide!

I've written a lot about individual uses of hydrogen peroxide, and NOW I'm ready to write this super-hyper-fancy-silly-general-everything page, where I will cover the entire scope of cleaning - disinfecting - sanitizing - deodorizing - bleaching everything under the sun.

Really, this is kind of a joke -- because there are specifics things to know about using peroxide for some particular things...... And yet, there really are only so many ways to do things.

The bottom line? When in doubt, SOAK IT IN PEROXIDE!

Food Grade 12% Hydrogen Peroxide

  • Living things are very sensitive! Too strong a solution of peroxide can do real harm to: people, plants, animals, skin, fur, fruit, vegetables, and sprouting seeds. Please find out the appropriate level of dilution to use when dealing with people, animals, and plants.
  • Use caution in bleaching -- you don't want uneven results. Bleaching hair and teeth often uses higher strength hydrogen peroxide, which you should not get on your skin or gums. Bleaching is usually done by professionals.
  • Use caution with metal things. Contact with hydrogen peroxide will tend to make metal rust faster.

All set? Here we go! Ready for take off.....

How to use hydrogen peroxide to clean - disinfect - bleach - sanitize - deodorize (almost) anything:

  1. Spray hydrogen peroxide on it, and wipe off (counter tops, mirrors, windows, hands, animal's fur, moldy lawn chairs, moldy basement walls)
  2. Spray hydrogen peroxide on it, and leave it on (wash off later, or scrub off) (shower walls, tiles, catbox, moldy plant leaves)
  3. Mix peroxide with hot water and soap and apply (mop the floor, in a carpet cleaning machine)
  4. Pour some peroxide in the bottom, spray the sides, and let it sit (garbage cans, catbox, empty aquarium, empty hamster cage)
  5. Soak it in hydrogen peroxide (yellowed plastic, infected finger, earrings, fruit, vegetables, seeds you want to sprout)
  6. If soaking it didn't help, soak it again.....

This will kill....or remove....

  • mold
  • algae
  • bacteria
  • viruses
  • blood stains
  • urine
  • other stains and spots
  • odors

Use hydrogen peroxide in order to....

  • clean
  • sanitize
  • deodorize
  • disinfect
  • bleach
  • remove stains

All the household uses of hydrogen peroxide that I can think of:

uses of hydrogen peroxide for general cleaning

  • plastics
  • yellowed or stained plastic
  • tiles
  • ceramics (tubs, sinks, showers)
  • carpet
  • stains in carpets
  • fabric
  • laundry
  • moldy clothes
  • stains in fabic
  • glass (mirrors, windows)
  • lawn chairs
  • flooring
  • counter tops
  • stained counter tops
  • plastic drinking bottles
  • cutting boards
  • inside of the fridge
  • compost pails
  • garbage cans
  • toilets
  • shower curtains
  • lawn chairs
  • grooming brushes
  • teething rings
  • baby bottles
  • high chair surfaces
  • scrubbie pads
  • toothbrushes

living things to use hydrogen peroxide on

  • skin
  • cuts
  • infected cuts
  • skin fungus
  • feet or nails that have fungus
  • hands
  • an animal's fur (to clean a cat, dog, rabbit, hamster, horse, llama, goat, or other mammal)
  • plants
  • moldy plants
  • sick plants
  • fruits, vegetables
  • seeds that you want to sprout (making sprouts to eat, or seeds you are sprouting to plant)

uses of hydrogen peroxide for yucky things, things that can get yucky, things that need to be kept sanitary

  • moldy clothes
  • yellowed or stained plastic
  • feet or nails that have fungus
  • skin fungus
  • moldy plants
  • scrubbie pads
  • pumice stone
  • nail brush
  • toothbrushes
  • dentures
  • dental retainers
  • contact lenses
  • grooming brushes
  • teething rings
  • baby bottles
  • high chair surfaces
  • thermos containers
  • lunch boxes
  • cutting boards
  • plastic drinking bottles
  • inside of the fridge
  • compost pails
  • the bottom of garbage cans
  • toilets
  • bedpans
  • enema parts
  • bodies of water (swimming pools, jacuzzis, spas, ponds)
  • moldy lawn chairs
  • moldy basement walls
  • bird feeders
  • litter boxes
  • empty aquarium (with no fish present)
  • animal cages (hamsters, mice, etc.)

things to bleach or whiten using hydrogen peroxide

  • bones
  • hair
  • teeth
  • piano keys (ivory)
  • stains in fabic
  • stains in carpets
  • stained counter tops

I'm DONE now! That's all there is to say.

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