Getting Rid of Germs in Bath Scrubbies,
by Soaking Them in 3% Hydrogen Peroxide

Germs in bath scrubbies are really easy to get rid of with hydrogen peroxide. Keeping germs out of your scrubbies is easy too if you are willing to keep your bath scrubbies in hydrogen peroxide all the time.

Since there can be lots of germs in bath scrubbies, it is nice that there is such a simple way to deal with them.

Let’s start with cleaning your scrubbies

Find a plastic food container, or a bowl that is big enough to hold your bath scrubbies. You don’t want it to be too big, though, as you will need to cover the items with hydrogen peroxide, and a huge container (such as a bucket) will require more peroxide than it really needs to.

Put the scrubbies in, and cover them with 3% hydrogen peroxide. Let them sit for at least an hour, so that the peroxide has time to do its work. There will be some fizzing and bubbling as the items are disinfected. The more germs in the bath scrubbies, the more fizzing! (It is also fine if you leave them for a day or longer. Sometimes it is just easier to set this up and then forget about it for a day or two.)

This treatment will kill bacteria, viruses and mold.

You can use this simple method with any kind of bath scrubbies: back brushes, nail brushes, skin scrubbers of any kind.

You can also use this same method to clean toothbrushes. It will get out germs in toothbrushes just like it gets out germs in bath scrubbies.

The same method can also be applied to any other brushes, such as a toilet brush, or scrubbies that are used for house cleaning.

Keeping your scrubbies clean

Another option is to keep your bath scrubbies clean and disinfected all the time by keeping them soaking them in 3% hydrogen peroxide, all the time.

If you decide you want to do this, you’ll need a plastic container to keep your scrubbies in. It needs to be plastic so that it can’t break (glass around a bathtub is a very bad idea). The container needs to be an appropriate size and shape so that you can keep it in your tub or shower.

Keep the container full of 3% hydrogen peroxide, to kill the germs in bath scrubbies. You need at least enough 3% peroxide to completely cover the items (or, for brushes, to cover the bristles.)

You’ll need to find a place where you can keep the scrubbies in easy reach of the tub or shower and also keep them in this container. You don’t want shower water to get into the container and continually dilute the peroxide. This could be difficult, depending on what the items are, and how big the container is. (Most tubs have limited space and ledges.)

I don’t do this with my tub tools, although I do keep my kitchen sink brushes in a container of 3% peroxide, all the time. This container is right by my kitchen sink, and has been there for years. It’s really the same idea, I just don’t happen to do this with my bath scrubbies, but do with the dish brushes. Perhaps it is because my kitchen brushes fit more easily into an upright container. (For my bath scrubbies, I just clean them with hydrogen peroxide once in a while.)

I would not soak hair brushes with wooden handles continuously, as I think it could be bad for the wood. (It would be okay for plastic hair brushes, although I also don’t want peroxide on my hair, so for hair brushes that have been soaked in hydrogen peroxide, I would rinse them off with water before using them.)

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