Is hydrogen peroxide a pierced ear infection cure?

Do you need a pierced ear infection cure? Well, personally, I try to avoid the word cure, and I would not want to say that hydrogen peroxide is a cure for anything. However, hydrogen peroxide kills germs, and germs are the cause of infection.

One way to use hydrogen peroxide on an infected pierced ear is to just dab some liquid 3% hydrogen peroxide on, with a cotton ball or a tissue. This may sting! It is also likely to help.

However, if the infection is nasty, you’ll need to repeat the above process often, as the liquid simply can’t stay on and penetrate. It just runs off too soon.

Another option is to make yourself some “sticky” hydrogen peroxide gel. This works in situations where you need the hydrogen peroxide to really stick in place.

Hydrogen peroxide is a simple way to deal with a pierced ear infection.

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  • Do not use hydrogen peroxide on deep or serious wounds, it is dangerous.
  • Hydrogen peroxide, on any cut or wound, can really sting. You can always add water and use a weaker solution.

Oh! And once your ears are better, you can soak your earrings in hydrogen peroxide (3%) before you wear them. This will kill bacteria and viruses on the earrings, and help prevent re-infection.

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