More About the Shimmer  Skit  from Saturday Night Live

Is Hydrogen Peroxide like Shimmer ?

In the skit, Shimmer is used as both a dessert topping and a floor wax. In other words, Shimmer has a bizarrely-wide range of uses for one product.

That's what Shimmer has in common with hydrogen peroxide -- a bizarrely-wide range of uses.

Here's a difference between Shimmer and hydrogen peroxide:

In the skit, they are making fun of products with a huge range of uses, and pointing out that such claims are ridiculous. In particular they are making fun of eating something used to also clean the floor. And I'd have to agree that sounds like a gross product! 

But..... in the case of uses for hydrogen peroxide, it's real: the range of effective uses is bizarrely wide, and actually does include both cleaning the floor and using it as a mouthwash. (But do NOT use hydrogen peroxide as a dessert topping!)

A note here that many people will find the range of uses for hydrogen peroxide unbelievable and will be likely to write the whole thing off just on that basis.

Other people will find this huge range of uses for hydrogen peroxide pleasing or funny.

Do you see the humor?

Do you find it not believable that hydrogen peroxide can be used as a deodorant and to bleach paper and as rocket fuel?

Do you find it pleasing that hydrogen peroxide can be used to clean cuts and to clean wooden decks and to sanitize a toothbrush?

Listen to the Classic SNL Skit about Shimmer

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Watch the Classic SNL Skit

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