Sodium Percarbonate “mix-and-use” Mouthwash: Supersmile Mouthrinse

4/2018: This page is not in use because the ingredients list for supersmile no longer lists sodium percarbonate.

This page is an orphan

Okay, here it is: yesterday I found a mouthwash made with sodium percarbonate. Now, bear in mind, I’ve used hydrogen peroxide as a mouthwash off and on, occasionally, for many years. But I still was not sure, even in theory about using sodium percarbonate on my body, or on plants or animals.

Is it okay to use sodium percarbonate on plants and on people?

The funny thing is that I had been thinking about this. I was thinking about what to write about sodium percarbonate. More specifically, I was wondering what to say about using it (or not using it) for baths and cleaning cuts and gardening. The only applications I’ve heard of (up till now!) are things like laundry and cleaning. That wouldn’t stop me from thinking of many other possible uses…… but, um, is it okay to use it with plants or on cuts? What kind of stabilizers does it have in it? Or is it really just hydrogen peroxide and soda ash?

Actually, I’m still not sure about using sodium percarbonate on people and plants….. but the applications would be amazing: things like a little packet of powder that you carry in your bag, and mix with water to clean a cut. Very handy. It should be stable and remain usable for years, I would think.

I have not tried sodium percarbonate with plants. There are sodium percarbonate products that say they are safe on plants -- but that is not quite the same as whether sodium percarbonate is good for plants in the same way that hydrogen peroxide is good for plants. I'll be looking into soda ash, and whether it is beneficial or harmful or neutral for gardening.

supersmile powdered mouthwash

Oh! I almost forgot! Here is the MOUTHWASH. Be sure to read the user comments below the product description, too.

This mouthwash has quite a number of ingredients – sodium percarbonate is just one of them.

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